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Karl Sattler

Karl Sattler
15th January 1913 in Fohnsdorf
30 November 1996 in Baden-Baden
SS number
NSDAP number
Assignments / Units
1934 II./SS-Regiment "Deutschland"
SS-Junkerschule Braunschweig (between 1934-1939)
1940 CO of his company I.SS-Infanterie-Regiment 9 (active in Norway)
1942 CO of SS-Infanterie-Regiment 9 (active in Northern Russia)
1944 SS-Panzer-Division "Frunsberg" (active in Russia and later France)
November 1944 CO of SS-Regiment "Sattller" (= SS-Unterführer-Schule Radolfzell)
SS Untersturmführer (between 1934 and 1939)
SS Sturmbannführer 1944
SS Obersturmbannführer 1945
Knights Cross (16 January 1945) for his actions in the area of Colmar November 1944. Part of his unit was surrounded by allied forces, and with personnel from the SS Unterführerschule in Radolfzell (now named SS Regiment "Sattler") he was able to free the surrounded part of his unit and formed a steady front line.
He got wounded 1940 in Norway and 1942-43 wounded again in Russia.

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