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Dr. Leonardo Conti

Leonardo Conti Dr. med.
24th August 1900 in Lugano (Switserland)
6th October 1945 Nürnberg. Committed suicide (hanged himself in his cell).
SS number
NSDAP number
Assignments / Units
1923 first SA physician.
1939-1945 Reich Health Leader and State Secretary for Health.
1942-1944 Stab Reichsführer SS
Oberarzt d.R. (Heer)
SS Obergruppenführer 20th of April 1944.
War Merit Cross 2nd Class
War Merit Cross 1st Class
Golden Party Badge (Goldenes Parteiabzeichen)
Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP in Bronze
Dienstauszeichnung der NSDAP in Silber
Several SS service awards
SS Totenkopfring
He was the son of an Italian father and a German mother. His mother became in 1933 the leader of all midwives (=Reichshebammenführerin) in Germany.
July 1939 he became (appointed by Hitler) responsible for administering the German euthanasia program, and personally administered in 1940 lethal injections to four to six patients who "died only slowly", and some had to be even injected a second time, concluding that the gas chambers were considered a better killing alternative. Conti was also involved with the malaria experiments in concentration camp Dachau and Buchenwald. From the 1200 prisoners involved in this project, approximately 300 - 400 died during these experiments.
He was captured on the 19th of May 1945 in Flensburg and committed suicide on the 6th October 1945 in Nürnberg prison before he could be trialed.

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