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Lothar Swierzinski

Lothar Swierzinski
18th July 1922 in Gelsenkirchen
29th October 1944 in Bugmünde (near Warsaw Poland) due to an injury from the day before during the battle at Warsaw.
SS number
NSDAP number
Assignments / Units
1940 Waffen-SS volunteer.
1941-1944 10./SS-Panzergrendier-Regiment 5 / 3.SS-Panzerdivision "Totenkopf". Active in Russia (1941-1942 Northern Russia: Kowno, Pleskau, Luga, Demjansk, 1943-44 in Southern Russia: Charkow, Kiew, Kirowograd, Kriwoi-Rog).

SS Rottenführer
SS Unterscharführer (1944)
Knights Cross (16 December 1943) for his actions in the area of Kirowograd/Kriwoi-Rog in October 1943. Russian units that got through the frontline were by his platoon and under his command destroyed and he managed to get a steady front line again (and several assaults by the Russians were not successfull because of his steady frontline).

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