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Horst Fromann, Lance Corporal (Gefreiter) Infantry.

1) Iron Cross 2nd Class , 24.10.44. Signed by the CO of the 252.Infanterie-Division, Generalleutnant Paul Drekmann (GCiG 15.4.44; Kn.Cr. 28.3.45).
2) Infantry Assault Badge in Silver, 4.12.44. Signed by the CO of Grenadier-Regiment 461.
3) Soldbuch, 15.10.42. Very bad condition due to moisture, cover loose, pass photo lost, entries hardly visible etc.

Also entitled to: Wound Badge in Black (2.11.44).

He served with: Infanterie-Ausbildungs-Bataillon 306 based in Köln; Grenadier-Regiment 596 of the 327.Infanterie-Division active in Middle and Southern Russia (Kursk, Kiew); with Grenadier-Regiment 945 of the 357.Infanterie-Division active in Southern Russia (Ukraine); with Grenadier-Regiment 320 of the 212.Infanterie-Division active in Northern Russia; 1944 with Grenadier-Regiment 461 of the 252.Infanterie-Division active in Latvia, Narew and Eastern Prussia.

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