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Helmut Sontag, HJ member, HJ medic, HJ Flak helper

1) HJ service pass „Dienstkarte der Hitler-Jugend“, 9.8.44. With HJ uniform pass photo. Repaired with adhesive tape at the fold.
2) Marine-HJ service ID, Seesport-Prüfungen der Marine-Hitler-Jugend Seesport-Ausweis, 19.8.44. With HJ uniform pass photo. Bit damaged at the fold.
3) HJ Flak helper photo and two HJ uniform photos.
4) Vaccination document, 30.5.41.
5) School report, 1936-1940.
6) Third Reich Ahnenpass for proofing aryan descent. From his father Wilhelm Sontag.
7) Bovington airport Scottland health card, 1951.
8) Talara club Peru ID, 1959.
9) Talara Peru harbour license, 1959.
10) Memberships card Brühler Chorvereining choir in Brühl, 1946.
11) Pan American vaccination pass issued in Rio de Janeiro.
12) International drivers licence, 1955. With pass photo.
13) International press card, 1968. With pass photo.
14) Two press conference ID cards used appr. 1960-1980. Both with pass photo.

Entitled to: War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords (21.11.44), Westwall Medal (29.11.44), Wound Badge and HJ achievement badge in silver.

Born 1929 in Bonn living in Wesseling near Köln. Son of a veterinarian. HJ member since 9.8.44 with Bann Köln-Land. Trained as a HJ medic „HJ-Feldscher“. Jul.-Aug.44 Marine naval training at the HJ Gebietsseesportschule. HJ Flak helper at the end of the war. After the war living in Berlin (and traveling abroad) working for the national German television news in Berlin.

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