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OKW documents KC holder pilot major Kollewe KIA 1942 Malta


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Gerhard Kollewe, Major Luftwaffe Flying branch (Stuka and later bomber planes) / Holder of the Knights Cross with Oak Leaves.

7 documents regarding his death (KIA), Jan.43-Mar.44. All documents are from the Army upper command (Oberkommando der Wehrmacht), military adjutant office of Hitler. Any matters of high decorated soldiers and commanders and generals who were killed in action were taken care off by the military adjutants of Hitler. Any such documents are very RARE !!

1) Letter written by the OKW send to Hitler’s military adjutant Generalmajor Schmundt, 18.1.43. Used condition, corner missing. Size DinA4. Generalmajor Rudolf Schmundt died on 1.10.44 due to severe injuries by Stauffenberg’s bomb attack on Hitler in the Wolfsschanze. Signed (I.A.) by Martin Schulze.
2) Letter (duplicate issue) send by Hitlers adjutant Generalleutnant Schmundt to the wife of Kollewe, Führerhauptquartier 22.1.43. Signed by adjutant Kapitän zur See.
3) Letter (duplicate issue) send by Hitlers adjutant Generalleutnant Schmundt to the wife of Kollewe, Führerhauptquartier 16.3.44. Signed by adjutant Konteradmiral. Size DinA4.
4) Letter (duplicate issue) send by Hitler’s adjutant Kapitän zur See to the wife of Kollewe, Führerhauptquartier 11.2.43. Size DinA4.
5) Letter send by the wife of Kollewe to Hitler’s Army adjutant Generalmajor Schmundt, 5.2.43. Size DinA4.
6) Letter send by another OKW (Army upper command) office to Hitler’s adjutant Generalmajor Schmundt, Mar.44. Size half DinA4.
7) Letter send by the wife of Kollewe to Adolf Hitler (thanking him for payments), 5.2.43.
Entitled to: Knights Cross (5.7.41) and Oak Leaves (Nr.112, 16.8.42) and other awards.

Born 1912 in Bromberg. After school he served from 1931 onwards with Infanterie-Regiment 7. In 1935 with the rank of lieutenant he was transferred to the Luftwaffe and served after pilot schooling with the new formed Sturzkampgeschwader 163 (Stuka unit, dive bombers) home based in Breslau. He served in Spain with Legion Condor in the rank of Oberleutnant. 1939 in the rank of Hauptmann he became a squadron leader of II.(K)/Lehrgeschwader 1 and was Dec.40-Oct.42 the commander of II.(K)/Lehrgeschwader 1. 1941-42 the unit was active in the mediteranian sea area and during this time his unit (so only II.) destroyed (sunk) a total of 148.000 Brt transport ships and two destroyers. And another 203.500 Brt of transport ships, 3?, 8 heavy cruisers, 5 light cruisers and 9 destroyers received heavy damages as a result of their attacks. The unit was also active supporting the Africa Corps (bombing raids on the Suez Canal, Cairo etc.). During the siege on Malta he was KIA on 17.10.42 when his JU88A (L1-YC) was shot down above sea (near Malta) by the RAF (126 and 249 Sqdn.). Although a search and rescue operation at sea his body could not be recovered.

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