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Photo album Nachrichten-Regiment 520 Holland France Russia


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Photo album with appr. 105 photos. Several sizes. Gefreiter (later NCO) Fritz Koutermann of (in WW2) Nachrichten-Regiment 520. Cover with “Meine Dienstzeit”, but without steel helmet (removed). First page with portrait photo showing him as soldier of 4./Infanterie-Regiment 18 (before WW2) and a field post card with other side showing a Dutch soldier 1940, 14.5.1940 with field post number 05290 (=3./Armee-Nachrichten-Regiment 520, the intelligence unit of the 18.Armee). Active: till 18.5.40 in Holland (Air assault on fortress Holland, Grebbe line, Northern-Holland, Walcheren), then till Jul.40 in Belgium and France (Flandern, Gent, Dunkirchen, Loire, Paris) and then till 1945 in Northern Russia (Latvia, Narwa, Ladoga, Oranienbaum, Leningrad, Courtland). Photo album appr. 1939-1943. Last page with three photos (made after WW2) showing him as a British soldier !!!. Photos: uniform photos, soldiers and NCO’s with awards, German bunkers (probably West wall), some vehicles including intelligence vehicles, some RAD photos (mostly at the front), blown-up bridge, damaged buildings, airfield, field grave, etc.

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