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Photo album Soldbuch documents “Schlesien” and “Deutschland”


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August Büns, NCO Weimar Republic Navy Signals / Sergeant Luftwaffe Meteorological Service / Officers Candidate Air force Infantry.
1) “Ahnenpass”, Genealogical research booklet. Going back to ancestors in the 19th century. Used as proof of “Aryan” descent.
2) Document commemorating his service with the Navy 1921-1935. Large (34x46cm) colorful and impressive piece. Signed by the II.Admiral der Nordsee, Commodore (later Admiral) Karlgeorg Schuster. RARE !!.
3) Appointment as “Assistant” with the Air Ministry, 22.1.38. Signed by the Air force Ministry Secretary of State, General Erhard Milch (Kn.Cr. 4.5.40).
4) Appointment as “Sekretär” with the Air Ministry, 4.8.39. Signed by the Air Ministry Air Defence CO., General Hans-Jürgen Stumpff (Kn.Cr. 18.9.41).
5) Wound Badge in Black, 27.10.44.
6) Appr. 37 other documents, the majority of which regarding his military career.
7) Large photo album. Battleship “Schlesien” official issue for photos of the ships journey to Italy, Spain and Greece in 1930. Contains appr. 225 mainly postcard sized photos of that journey and of the heavy Cruiser “Deutschland” (lanched 1931, comissioned 1933, Feb.40 renamed “Lützow”). Impressive and RARE !!.
8) Soldbuch, 25.9.39. Air force issue with uniform pass photo.
Also entitled to: Long Service Decorations 4th and 3rd Class.
1921-35 he served with the Navy as Signals specialist a.o. aboard the old Battleship “Schlesien” and 1934-35 aboard the new Heavy Cruiser “Deutschland”. After his discharge he joined the Air force and served as official with the Air Ministry till he was Aug.39 transferred to the “Deutsche Seewarte”, the in Hamburg based Air force Meteorological Institute. Jan.43-May 44 he served with the Norway Air force District administration. May 44 he was transferred to III./Flieger-Regiment 90 to gain operational service experience as Officers Candidate. The unit was based in southern France. During the defensive operations against the allied invasion he was injured there 26.8.44 and repatriated to Germany for recovery. Dec.44 he was transferred to the new-formed Div.Gruppe z.b.V.Breisach, then based in S.W. Germany and Jan.45 he was transferred to the 19th Army Corps Officers Training School and finally Feb.45 to an (unidentified) Air force replacements unit.

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