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Postcard grave photo 254.Infanterie-Division Russia Reval 1941


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Postcard sized field grave photo of three soldiers.

Some research because only the names and ranks are visible on the photo: 254.Infanterie-Division (most probably Infanterie-Regiment 454) all KIA on 23.8.41 near a town called Kroodi (Reval area, Northern Russia). 254.ID: 1939-May 40 Lower Rhine area, 1940-41 France (Dunkirk, Lille, Rouen), from Jun.41 Northern Russia (Latvia, Reval, Leningrad, Wolchow etc.).
1) Unteroffizier Herbert Kirchhoff, born in Essen-Steele 23.6.1921, KIA 23.8.41.
2) Gefreiter Edwin Götze, born 8.1.1920 in Westerholt, KIA 23.8.41.
3) Obergefreiter Ernst Klocke, born in Holzhausen 25.3.1914, KIA 23.8.41.

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