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Press photo SS-Heimwehr Danzig Gauleiter Forster 1939


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Very rare press photo of the just new formed SS-Heimwehr Danzig marching in front of Gauleiter Forster. 22x17cm. 19.8.1939. Used condition with small fold and one small tear.

SS Heimwehr “Danzig” was an SS unit established in the Free City of Danzig (today Gdańsk and environs, Poland) before the Second World War. It fought with the German Army against the Polish Army during the invasion of Poland, and some of its members committed a massacre of Polish civilians. After this it became part of the 3rd SS Totenkopf Division and ceased to exist as an independent unit.

Also known as Heimwehr Danzig (Danzig Home Defense), it was officially established on 20 June 1939, when the Danzig senate under Albert Forster decided to set up its own armed force; a cadre of this new unit primarily formed the Danzig SS Wachsturmbann “Eimann”.

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