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SS Soldbuch Rottwachtmeister Hamburg police 1941-1945


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Ernst Prang, Rottwachtmeister German Police officer

SS Soldbuch, 7.2.45. SS runes removed and Pol. entered for Polizei. With police uniform pass photo. All police men got a SS Soldbuch in 1944 when the police was officially absorbed by the SS. SS runes had to be removed 1945 because policemen were still officially active after the surrender of the German army.

Stone carrier (Steinträger) born 1904 in living in Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg. Missing two fingers of his left hand. Serving 1941-1945 with the police in Hamburg, Schutzpolizei Abschnitt B Hamburg. On page 2 and 6 signature of Major Hohnschildt. Stamps on the pass photo by Heerespersonalamt Berlin and Polizeikommandeur Hamburg.

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