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Wehrpass Gefreiter 218.Infanterie-Division Poland France


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August Albold, Lance Corporal (Gefreiter) Infantry.
1) Wehrpass, 19.3.38.
2) Wehrpass Notitz, 17.4.41. Discharge document from Wehrmeldeamt Berlin-Mitte.
3) Entlassungsschein, 7.4.41. Discharge document from Infanterie-Ersatz-Bataillon 397. Signed by his CO.

Civil occupation and military occupation as a Sattler, saddle maker. Born 1899. He served 1918-19 as a Jäger zu Pferd, cavalry. During WW2: Aug.39-May 40 with Infanterie-Regiment 386 of the 218.Infanterie-Division active in Poland (Warsaw, Western Prussia); May.40-Mar.41 with Feld-Ersatz-Bataillon 218 also of the 218.Infanterie-Division Jun.40 active in France and Jul.40-Mar.41 based in Berlin. He was Apr.41 discharged from military service and was not called-up again.

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