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Wehrpass Infantry 1940 Luftwaffe mechanic Jagdgeschwader 101


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Georg Rimsl, Lance Corporal (Gefreiter) Infantry / Luftwaffe fighter planes mechanic fighter squadron.
1) Wehrpass, 22.6.38.
2) Luftwaffe conduct report 4./Jagdgeschwader 101, 20.2.45. Signed by the CO of 4./JG101 Hauptmann.
3) Luftwaffe conduct report Stab/Jagdgeschwader 101, 13.2.45.
4) Small document from Army district Traunstein regarding sending his Wehrpass, 14.2.44.

Entitled to: Wound Badge in Black (30.7.40).

Born 1919. He served Aug.39-Mar.40 with Infantry replacements unit Inf.-Ers.-Batl.320 based in Ingolstadt. Mar.Dec.40 he served with 1./Infanterie-Regiment 320 of the 212.Infanterie-Division, 1940 active in France (Maginot line). He got wounded (shrapnel) on 31.5.40 and was hospitalized. On 24.6.41 he was discharged from military service, medically unfit. Mar.42-Jan.43 he served with Standortkompanie St.Georgen (out-camp of concentration camp Mauthausen, airplane factory) and was discharged again on Nov.43. Finally he was called-up Nov.44 for the third time and served with the Luftwaffe: Nov.44 with Flakartillerieschule IV in Schongau; Nov.44-Feb.45 with I./Jagdgeschwader 101 based in Landau, where he served as an airplane mechanic till 19.2.45. According his conduct reports Feb.45 he had not the skills for an airplane mechanic. Therefore he was on 28.2.45 transferred to his replacements unit Flieger-Ers.Batl.III in Chemnitz-Ebersdorf.

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