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Wehrpass Soldier Infantry Territorial Army


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Josef Philipp, Soldier Infantry, T.A.
Wehrpass, 7.5.40.
He was called-up for military service and served Febr.41-May.41 with Inf.Ers.Btl.97 at Eger (Germany), an infantry replacements unit for the 46. Inf.-Div. May.41-May.42 he served with Lnd.Sch.Komp.1/841, a T.A. unit for POW guard duties in Army District XIII. May.42-Dec.42 he served with Standort Kompanie Grafenwöhr Germany and got ill (problems with bladder, spinal column and mental ill). He went to several hospitals in Germany (Eger, Marienbad, Joachimstahl) and was Aug.43 sent to Ld.Sch.Ers.Btl.13, a T.A. replacements unit based in Eger, Germany. 25.3.44 he was discharged from the Army, medically unfit.

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