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Wound Badge Gold group NCO 223.ID 168.ID Russia 6 awards


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Kurt Teurich, NCO (Unteroffizier) Army Infantry

1) Soldbuch, 26.8.39. With uniform pass photo. Heavily used condition, cover loose etc.
2) War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords, 20.4.42. Signed by the CO of the 223.Infanterie-Division, Generalleutnant Rudolf Lüters.
3) Winter War Medal, 29.7.42.
4) Wound Badge in Black, 25.11.42.
5) Iron Cross 2nd Class, 9.9.44. Signed by the CO of the 211.Infanterie-Division, Generalleutnant Johan-Heinrich Eckhardt (Kn.Cr. 20.5.42, Oak.L. 3.11.44)
6) Wound Badge in Silver, 19.9.44.
7) Wound Badge in Gold, 18.11.44.

He served till Sep.44 with Grenadier-Regiment 425 till Nov.43 part of the 223.Infanterie-Division, May 40-Oct.41 active and based in France (Brittany, Bordeaux). Nov.41 the unit was transferred to Russia (Leningrad, Welikije-Luki, Charkow, Kiew) and Nov.43 disbanded. Oct.43 the Regiment was renamed Regimentsgruppe 425 and attached to the battered 168.Infanterie-Division operating in the same area (Kiew, Winniza, Tarnopol). 27.7.44 the Regiment was reduced to a Bataillon and renamed II./Grenadier-Regiment 385. Near Baranow the Division was Jan.45 nearly destroyed but reformed again and finally operated in Silesia.
He was injured 5 times (a.o. shrapnel arms, hands and buttocks).

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