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Close Combat grouping Corporal 8.Panzer-Division Russia


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Walter Henze, Corporal (Obergefreiter) Anti Tank Infantry / Panzer-Grenadier.

1) Wehrpass, 21.9.39.
2) Close Combat Clasp 1st Grade (for 15 assault days) and Close Combat Clasp 2nd Grade (for 30 assault days), 20.3.44. Both awarded POSTHUMOUS at the same day. EXTREMELY RARE !! Signed by the CO of Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 28, Oberst Joseph von Radowitz (Kn.Cr. 17.9.44 as commander of the 23.Panzer-Division). Both CCC’s not entered in the Wehrpass (because awarded by his unit several months after he was KIA). Heavily used condition (crude field issue on thin paper).
3) Train ticket in Polish and German language, 26.11.43. For traveling from Kattowitz (Poland) to Tarnopol (561km! For his girlfriend, mother and father to visit his burial in the Ukraine) !!
4) Three travel permits, 25.11.43. For his girlfriend, mother and father. They traveled 25.11.43 till 10.12.43 to the Ukraine (Tarnopol) to visit the burial of Walter who died in Tarnopol on 22.11.43 !!!!!

Also entitled to: Tank Assault Badge in Bronze (1.10.41), Iron Cross 2nd Class (15.6.42), Winter War Medal (13.8.42), Wound Badge in Black (20.5.43). Most probably also entitled for the Cholm Shield (but not entered in the Wehrpass).

Born 1920. Mar.-Oct.40 RAD service at the Western Front. He served Dec.40-Jan.41 with Schützen-Ersatz-Bataillon 6 based in Saalfeld-Saale. From Jan.41 till he was KIA (Nov.43) he served with Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 28 (till named Jul.42 named Schützen-Regiment 28) of the 8.Panzer-Division. Service: Jan.-Mar.41 formed in Germany (Neuhammer), Mar.41 based in France, Jul.41-Aug.42 active in Northern Russia (Narwa, Leningrad, Waldai, Cholm), Dec.42-Sep.43 active in Middle Russia (Smolensk, Brjansk, Welish, Orel, Desna), from Oct.43 onwards active in Southern Russia and the Northern Ukraine (Kiew, Shitomir, Winniza, Tarnopol). He got wounded for the first time during the battles at Welish-Brjansk on 13.2.43 (shrapnel left leg and face) and was hospitalized (including recovery) for two months in Germany. May.43 he was back with his unit again, but was on 4.11.43 shot in his breast. Due to his wounds he died on 22.11.43 in the Army hospital in Tarnopol (Reserve-Lazarett Tarnopol). A few days after his dead his whole family traveled (561km) to the Ukraine to visit his burial (!!!!!). According information of the German War Casualties Organization he is nowadays still buried in his field grave (Tarnopol, Ukraine).

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