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Proficiency books Staatsjugend HJ/DJ member 1941-1944


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Karlheinz Ockum, DJ/HJ member.

1) „Leistungsbuch der Hitler-Jugend“ HJ proficiency book/pass, 6.8.44. Without pass photo as issued (not removed). Rare late issue.

2) “Leistungsbuch Alles Leben ist Kampf” NS school proficiency book, 1941. National Socialistic “Staatsjugend”. One page with free swimming certificate, 26.8.41.<br
Born 1930 in Datteln. “Staatsjugend member” since 1941, HJ/DJ member since 20.4.44 with DJ Bann 252. Entitled to the DJ Proficiency Badge on 6.8.44.

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