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SA grouping Horst Wessel 16 documents


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SA Mann Georg Langer, SA Sturm 11/5 and Nachrichtensturm (intelligence Sturm) 4/5 Standarte “Horst Wessel” Berlin. File with SA identity card and 15 other SA related documents.
1) SA Ausweiss, SA identity card, 15.5.1934. Member of the SA since 15.7.1933. Without pass photo.
2) SA Stammrolle, personal file. Accept for his name no further entries. 4 pages.
3) SA Verpflichtungsschein, SA obligation document, 15.7.1933. Sturm 11/5 Horst Wessel in Berlin.
4) Writing of his Nachrichten Sturmführer about his resignation from the SA (because of entering the RAD, Reichsarbeitsdienst). 25.10.1934.
5) Writing of his Nachrichten Sturmführer “Dienstzeugnis”, 25.10.1934. Regarding good conduct of Georg during his SA period.
6) Writing of Georg Langer, 24.10.1934. Regarding his resignation from the SA because he joined the RAD, Reichsarbeitsdienst, till 31.4.1935.
7) Document “Antrag auf Ausstellung“ Sturm 4/5 Horst Wessel, 10.8.1934. Offical resignation document.
8) Writing Nachrichten Sturmführer Sturm 4/5 Horst Wessel “Führungszeugniss“, 2.8.1934. Good conduct report.
9) Vacation permit Sturm 4/5 Horst Wessel for a bicycle vacation from 12.6.1934 till 26.6.1934. He has to travel in SA-uniform and NSDAP and SA-Offices should give protection and help on his vacation when needed.
10) Artzliche Gesundliste, medical investication report, Brigade 28 Horst Wessel, Horst Wessel-Hospital in Friedrichshain. 30.5.1934. 4 pages.
11) Writing, 4.5.1934. Regarding the transfer of Langer to the SA-intelligense unit, Nachrichtensturm 4/5 Brigade Horst Wessel.
12) Document “Uberweisungsschein”, official SA transfer document, from Sturm 11/5 to Sturm 4/5.
13) Writing, 21.4.1934. By Georg Langer to Sturm 11/5 that he would like to join the technical Sturm because of his special interest for intelligence units.
14) Writing of the commander of Sturm 11/5, 29.4.1934. Regarding the sending of transfer documents of Langer.
15) Arier Erklärung, declaring of non-jewish descent, 29.3.1934.
16) Arzliche Gesundliste, medical report from the medical investigation on 17.2.1934 in Berlin. 4 pages.

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