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NSFK glider pilot passes Norden Hamburg 1943-1945


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NSFK glider pilot passes for Herbert Wiebersieck born 1929 in Norden. All passes denazified.

1) Canvass ID card, 22.5.45. With pass photo.
2) NSFK flying book, Flugbuch, 1943. 16 flights entered 1944 at Segelflugübungsstelle Hamburg-Fischbeck. Last flight aborded because of bad weather. With pass photo..
3) NSFK workshop book, Werkstatt dienstbuch, 1943. Proofing his woodworking skills.
4) NSFK workshop book, Werkstattdienstbuch, 1943. Woodworking course entered and radio operator days.

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