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Red cross enquiry Doctor 22.SS-Division Maria Theresia Budapest


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Red cross document “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Suchdienst” for homecoming soldiers from POW camp. They were asked to give information about soldiers of their former unit that were still missing in action.

In this case 1957 enquiry for:
Dr. Josef Enk born 15.6.1908
Unit fieldpost number 27104: Stab u. Einheit Sanitats-Abteilung 22 (22.SS-Division), 22.SS-Freiwilligen-Kavallerie-Division Maria Theresia

Homecoming POW Dr. Hans Herr from Siegen tells that he saw that Dr. Enk was KIA on 13.2.45 during the outbreak from Budapest. His body had to be left behind.

Some more information from the internet:
He was a medical chirurgic specialist and led a civil hospital in Linz Austria, before joining the Waffen-SS. Hans-Dietrich Röhrs, later medical with SS-Pz.AA 18 “Horst Wessel”, mentioned him while attending a course at Stettin, Röhrs named this course.
Sanitäts-Junkerlehrgang der SS in Stettin-Kückenmühle from August 1st until September 15th 1944.
Enk seems to be transferred to the Sanitäts-Abteilung of the 22.SS-Frw.Kav.Div. after this course and was missing in action in December 1944 in Budapest. He seems to be one of the medics in the cellars of the Budapest castle working until the end of the battle for Budapest on Febuary 11th 1945 …. other information mentioned Enk killed at Budpaest.

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