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Two photo albums GCiG holder Oberst Polster Infantry


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Kurt Polster, Oberst Infantry Panzergrenadier Commander GCiG holder.

1) Small photo album (22x14cm) with 15 photos (8.5×6.5cm). Special made for a technical course (trouble shooting for Wehrmacht vehicles) for commanders of Infanterie-Regiment 66 because the unit got motorized at that time. Nice described. Der 1.Fahrlehrer-Lehrgang nach der Motorisierung für Kommandeure und Kompaniechefs vom Inf.-Rgt.66 Burg Winter 1937-38.

2) Photo album (23×18.5cm) with 97 photos. Nice described. Major part 1943-44 taken in France. Photos: (description first photo Jul.43 showing his BMW and his headquarters in Orleans) traveling from the Kuban bridge head (Russia) over Burg-Kassel to Orleans where he became the commander of Res.-Panzer-Grenadier-Rgt.81; visiting Paris; several photos of hunting in the forest of Orleans (Oct.43), awards clearly visible including German Cross in Gold; his headquarters in Montfort near Rennes; hunting in the forest at Paimpont with for example Adjutant Oberleutnant Halbe (KIA Jul.44) and Generalleutnant Walter von Boltenstern (commander of the 179.Reserve-Panzer-Division); visiting the Chanel Coast Mont St.Michele with Oberleutnant Halbe and Rittmeister Kühl (both KIA during the allied invasion); Mar.44 traveling Rennes-St.Nazaires-Bordeaux-Peau-Lourdes-Rennes; St.Emillon; Apr.43 St.Malo ; Jun.-Jul.44 hospitalized (mental recovery) in Brombach Germany, just in time to avoid being at the Chanel Coast during the allied invasion !!

3) Field post card (on the first page of the photo album). 14.8.1940. Send from Paris to Polster (in the rank of Major at that time), field post number 00101A – II./Infanterie-Regiment 66.

4) Driving Instructor license, Wehrmacht Fahrlehrerschein. Duplicate issue 8.11.45 stating the original license got lost during the last month of the war. Issued to Polster in the rank of Oberst attached to the 314.Divisionsgruppe.

Entitled to: German Cross in Gold (2.1.42). And also visible on the photos: Iron Cross 1st Class 1914-18 with clasp 1939, Tank Assault Badge, Wound Badge and a large field ribbon bar.

He served 1937-1942 (and probably also before and after this period) with Infanterie-Regiment 66 (1941 renamed Schützen-Regiment 66) of the 13.Infanterie-Division(mot), 1940 renamed 13.Panzer-Division; 1939-1940 active in Poland and France, till Jun.41 based in Rumania, From Jun.41 onwards active in Southern Russia (Lublin, Uman, Kiew, Rostov, Mius, Taganrog, Rostov, Armavir, Mosdok, Caucasus). 1943-1944 he was commander of Reserve-Panzergrenadier-Regiment 81 of the 179.Reserve-Panzer-Division based in France. This division was May 1944 disbanded because it was used to form the new 116.Panzer-Division Jun.44 active in the Normandy. According to the Wehrmacht rank lists of 1.5.44 he was promoted to Oberst on 1.10.43 and served at that time with Panzergrenadier-Regiment 66 active at the Eastern Front. But according to the photo album he was in fact Jun.-Jul.44 for mental recovery in Germany. It is not clear where he served after Jul.44. When he still served with Panzergrenadier-Regiment 66 that means that he got 1945 active under Panzer-Division “Feldherrnhalle 2”.

To view all the photos of the photo albums click on the link below these small pictures !!

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