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Documents Regierungsrat KIA 1945 Denmark 4 Jahresplan


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Dipl.Ing.Hans Buhlheller, administration official (Regierungsrat), Hauptmann Wehrmacht.

1) Large impressive promotion document, 22.2.41. He was promoted from Regierungsbaumeister to Regierungsrat (administration official, rank as major). Issued at Berchtesgaden. Size 35×25.5cm. Little bit of damage at one rim. Printed signatures of Adolf Hitler and Hermann Göring.
2) Large cover of Ministerpräsident Generalfeldmarschall Göring. Perhaps used for sending the above mentioned promotion certificate or the below mentioned file cover. Size 38x26cm. Very bad condition.
3) Large file cover (map for internal use at the German Government for sending documents) of Ministerpräsident Generalfeldmarschall Göring, Beauftragter für den Vierjahresplan (four year plan). With names (or signatures) of several members of the German Government, including the names of Buhlheller and for example Meissner. Size 38x24cm.
4) Letter from the director of the national electric service Ernst Jürges to Regierungsrat Buhlheller, 3.2.42. Concerning the death of the mother (or wife?) of Buhlheller.
5) Letter written in the field by Buhlheller, 15.2.45. According markings from his son on the letter, this letter was found on his body when he was KIA and was send home together with the death notice.
6) Post card from Berlin, send on 14,5,38 by Buhlheller in Berlin to his mother.
7) 9 photos of Buhlheller. Mostly in uniform (for example taken in Berlin in front of a Government building), some with his wife, daughter and son (HJ member). Several sizes till postcard sized.

He was a building specialist and later (1942) administration official working in Berlin at the German Government. He was most probably directly involved in the “Vierjahresplan”. The Four Year Plan was a program put forth by the Nazi Party, tinkering with the economic policy of Germany. The Four Year Plan favoured both the protection of agriculture and economic independence. At some time during WW2 he was transferred to the Wehrmacht serving as a Hauptmann (Captain). According information from the German war casualties organisation he was KIA on 13.3.45 (in the rank of Hauptmann) and buried on the military cemetery in Kopenhagen (Denmark), so he must have been KIA in Denmark.
Rare and interesting grouping. Could be further researched.

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