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Group Corporal Artillery 27.ID 57.ID 337.ID 8.JD KIA 1942


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Alexander (Alex) Schuermann, Corporal (Obergefreiter) Mountain Artillery.

1) Wehrpass, 7.5.36.
2) Wound Badge in Black, 5.10.42. Signed by the CO of II./Artillerie-Regiment 8, Major Hellmuth Augner.
3) Accompanying certificate from Army District Lindau for sending the Wehrpass to his father, 13.11.42.
4) Three field post letters (two as air mail) send by Alex to his father, Jun.-Sep.42. One letter 9.9.42 two weeks before he was KIA. Field post number 19196B: 4./Gebirgs-Artillerie-Regiment 8.
5) Typewritten condolence letter send by the CO of Feldlazarett 290 (field post number 33789) to the father of Alex, 26.9.42. With details regarding his wounds etc. Size Din A4.
6) Third Reich travel pass, 21.9.37. With pass photo.
7) Two small death announcements for Alex cut-out from a newspaper.
8) Two hotel school/practice certificates, 30.9.38.

Also entitled to: Winter War Medal (28.8.42).

Born 24.8.1916 in Lindau. Civil occupation 1935-1938 as a waiter. He served: Nov.38-Aug.39 with Artillerie-Regiment 27 of the 27.Infanterie-Division home based in Kempten; Aug.39-Oct.40 with Artillerie-Regiment 157 of the 57.Infanterie-Division active in Poland and France (Chanel Coast Normandy); Oct.40-Jan.42 with Artillerie-Regiment 337 of the 337.Infanterie-Division active/based in Poland (Demokrationslinie); Jan-Sep.42 (KIA) with Gebirgs-Artillerie-Regiment 8 of the 8.leichten Division (Jun.42 renamed 8.Jäger-Division) active in Northern Russia (Demjansk). He got severely wounded on 24.9.42 by shrapnel (head and belly) and died one day later on 25.9.42 in field hospital (Feldlazarett 290) in Now-Gorki.

Recent information German War Casualties Organization:
Nachname: Schuermann
Vorname: Alexander Karlheinz
Dienstgrad: Obergefreiter
Geburtsdatum: 24.08.1916
Geburtsort: Lindau
Todes-/Vermisstendatum: 25.09.1942
Todes-/Vermisstenort: Feldlaz. 290 Now-Gorki
Grave nowadays: Kriegsgräberstätte in Korpowo – Sammelfriedhof (Rußland).

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