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Group Doctor Fallschirm Sanitäts Abteilung Crete 1941 EK2


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Doctor Erich Hohenberg, doctor assistant “Assistentarzt” Army and Luftwaffe Fallschirmjäger medical units

1) Iron Cross 2nd Class, 15.6.41. Signed by the CO of Fallschirm Sanitäts-Abteilung XI.Fliegerkorps, Oberstabsarzt Berg. Must have been issued for his actions during the landing on Crete.
2) Same as listet under 1. Very unusual issued on the same date and signed by the same person.
3) Canvass military drivers license, 12.8.40. Issued by the Assistentarzt and Adjutannt of Armee Sanitäts-Abteilung(mot)695.
4) Arbeitsbuch, 16.3.36. Used till 1939.
5) Card of identification, Unna 31.10.45.
6) Sports badge booklet „Deutsches Turn- und Sportabzeichen für Männer“, 1926. With pass photo. Entitled with Bronze on 13.9.36.

Born 1908 in Lünen. He worked 1933-1935 as a doctor in a hospital and 1935-1937 as a doctors assistant with doctors in Hettstedt and Magdeburg. He served: 1940 with Armee Sanitäts-Abteilung(mot)695; 1941 he served with 4./Fallschirm Sanitäts-Abteilung XI.Flieger-Korps (former Fallschirm-Sanitäts-Zug.7) active during the landing on Crete. See below for more information why he would have been awarded with the EK2 in Jun.41. After WW2 he was living in Unna-Kamen as a doctor.

Source: The History of Fallschirm-Sanitätsabteilung XI.Fliegerkorps

On May 21, 1941 at 15:00 hours two Platoons belonging to the Fallsch.Jg.San.Abt jumped on Maleme, but the paratroopers landed far to the east. Dr.Hartmann was killed as most of the 1. Platoon while the 2. Platoon fought its retreat alongside the 6./Fallsch.Jg.St.Rgt.
As May 22 of 1941 the Field Hospital attended 193 wounded soldiers and had evacuated to 161 of them through the Ju-52s . At noon it was negotiated a truce in order to retrieve the wounded in the field of the I. / FJR 2, which picked up about 50 wounded and took them behind the lines and in turn the Australians took about 70 wounded Germans to the hospital located in the vicinity of Adhele where the British and German doctors treated them equally.
On May 23, 1941 the hospital was moved to Jaranion. The remnants of the Fallschirm Sanitäts Abteilung XI were gathered in the area of the West Group and on May 24, 1941 the hospital was transferred to Agia Marina. By May 25, 1941 the hospital attended 75 wounded and evacuated by air 57 of them.

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