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Ernst Kuhr, Oberfeldwebel Luftwaffe airfield units / Nachtjagdgeschwader / board gunner Night Fighter Squadron.

1) Wehrpass, 31.7.36. With Luftwaffe uniform pass photo (attached in 1940). Used condition, cover partly loose.
2) Luftwaffe Soldbuch, 29.8.39. Pass photo removed !! Used condition, some pages loose but complete.
3) Canvass Luftwaffe ID card for the Luftwaffe Airfield at Westerland/Sylt, 17.11.43. With uniform pass photo.
4) Two documents “Lehruntersuchung auf Höhenwirkung” medical investigation report for working at high altitudes, 18.1.45. Signed by the CO “Stabsarzt” of Prüfstelle auf Höhenwirckung Nr.1 based in Schleswig.
5) Medical examination document, 26.4.44. Size DinA4.
6) Statement of his ability for night vision, 27.6.44. Issued at Eindhoven Holland; signed by the CO “Stabsarzt” of Flieger-Untersuchungsstelle 7/III.
7) Statement by a medical CO “Stabsarzt” / marriage permit, 30.5.44.
8) POW Certificate of Discharge, 13.3.48.
9) Statement by him (now working as a police man in Gerzen) dated 1957 regarding his Luftwaffe service 1936-1939.

Entitled to: Iron Cross 2nd Class (5.9.40), Wound Badge in Black (14.9.40), Fliegerschützenabzeichen mit Blitzbündel” Board Gunner Badge with Lightning (9.9.43), “Bordschützenschein” Board Gunner License (1.2.44), “Frontflugspange in Bronze” Front Flying Clasp in Bronze (1.4.44).

Born 1918. He served: Oct.36-Mar.39 with Flak-Ersatz-Regiment Neukuhren; Apr.37-Aug.39 with Fliegerhorstkompanie Neuhausen (Eastern Prussia, now named Gurjewsk and part of Russia); Aug.-Nov.39 with Fliegerhorstkompanie Powunden (Eastern Prussia, now named Chrabrowo and part of Russia); Nov.39-May 40 with Fliegerhorstkompanie Kopsten(? also probably in Eastern Prussia); May-Jul.40 with Fliegerhorstkompanie 7/I in Rotterdam/Waalhaven (Holland, flown in just after the bombardment on Rotterdam); Jul.-Nov.40 with Fliegerhorstkompanie 7/I now based at Gilze-Rijen (Holland); Nov.40-Jan.41 ill and hospitalized in the Luftwaffe hospital at Amsterdam and Jan.41 hospital at Berlin; Jan.-May 41 for recovery with Flak-Ersatz-Abteilung 36 based at Wolfenbüttel; May 41-Dec.42 back in Holland with Fliegerhorstkompanie 7/I based at Gilze-Rijen; Dec.42-Jan.43 with Flugplatz-Kommando I/VI based at Rotterdam/Waalhaven (Holland); Jan.-Mar.43 (starting schooling as night fighter board gunner) with 5.Bordschützen-Anwärter-Bataillon 1; Mar.-Jun.43 with 9./Bordschützenschulde based at Bug (on the German island Rügen); Jun.-Jul.43 with Nachtjagdgeschwader 101; from Jul.43-Mar.45 with Nachtjagdgeschwader 3 active with Ju88 planes under the 2.Jagddivision. Bases: 1943 Westerland, Schlesswig; 1944 Schlesswig, Langendiebach/Vechta, Plantlünne, Gütersloh, Grove/Karup, Schleswig; 1945 Schleswig.

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