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Personnel file Oberleutnant U-Boat service St.Nazaire Lorient


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Otto Kühl, Oberleutnant Verwalungsoffizier, administrative officer Kriegsmarine U-Boat service, Mine Sweepers, Upper Command unit and Navy Infantry.
1) Original Kriegsmarine personnel file cover. Part missing at the top and bottom.
2) “Freiwilligenuntersuchungsliste”, (medical) investigation list for Kriegsmarine volunteers, 13.6.38. 4 pages. Found suitable to become a Kriegsmarine officer.
3) “Empfangschein”, Mürwick 8.1.40. Filing document for received certificates.
4) Statement that Otto followed Mar.-May 43 a course for Verwaltungsoffiziere, administration officers. Not dated (probably 1945). Din A4.
5) “Dienstzeitbescheinigung”, Kriegsmarin service statement listing all transfer dates and units 1939-1945. Not dated (probably 1945). Din A4.
6) Two Kriegsmarine filing cards with personal information, awards, promotions, units etc.
7) Kriegsmarine uniform photo 10.5×7.5cm.

Entitled to: Westwall Medal and War Merit Cross 2nd Class with Swords (20.4.43)

Born 8.9.1920 in Düsseldorf. Promotions: Sep.43 to Leutnant, Apr.45 to OberleutnantService: Aug.-Sep.39 Luftwaffe Bau-Kompanie of a Flak-Abteilung; Sep.-Nov.39 7.Schiffs-Stamm-Abteilung; Nov.39-Jan.40 Verwaltungsoffizierlehrgang Marineschule Mürwick; Feb.-Apr.40 on board of the battle ship “Schlesien” active in the Ostsee; May-Aug.40 at Marineschule Mürwick; Aug.40-Jan.41 Marinehafenabteilung Ostende Belgium; Jan.-Apr.41 Schiffsartillerieschule; Apr.41 2.Schiffstammabteilung in Wilhelmshaven; Apr.-Oct.41 Ausbildungsabteilung für Kriegsschiffneubauten; Oct.-Nov.41 2.Unterseeboots-Ausbildungs-Abteilung based in Neustadt; Nov.41-Jan.42 Verwaltung 7.U-Boots-Flottille based in St. Nazaire France; Jan.42-Jan.43 Verwaltung 10.U-Boots-Flottille based in Lorient France; Jan.-Mar.43 Marine-Unteroffizier-Lehr-Abteilung; Mar.-May 43 Ausbildungsabteilung für Kriegsschiffneubauten; May 43-Mar.45 2.Verwaltungsoffizier at the in Mar.43 new formed 9.Minensuch-Flottille employed for security and escort duties in Norway, mainly northern Norway; Mar.45 Marine-Oberkommando der Nordsee; Mar.-May 45 Bataillons-Verwaltungs-Offizier at the 2.Marine-(Infanterie-)Division. The 2nd Naval Infantry Division was formed in March 1945 in the region of Schleswig-Holstein deployed in defensive operations in north-west Germany and fought in actions against British forces at Rethem near Verden and Visselhovede. While in withdrawal following operations in the region of Bremen it was defeated and captured by advancing British forces in its home region of Schleswig-Holstein in May 1945.

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