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Press photo Kriegsmarine U-boat awarding crew 1939 U-29


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Press photo 28.9.39 Kriegsmarine U-boat crew (cap telly Unterseebootsflottille) gets awarded iron crosses when they came back from their mission. 18×13.5cm. Also mentioned that they destroyed the Courageous resulting in the U-boat being the U-29. U-29 was responsible for sinking the aircraft carrier HMS Courageous, on 17 September 1939, the first British warship sunk in the war by enemy action. The commander of the German submarine force, Commodore Karl Dönitz, regarded the sinking of Courageous as “a wonderful success” and Grand Admiral Erich Raeder, commander of the Kriegsmarine (German navy), directed that Schuhart be awarded the Iron Cross First Class and that all other members of the U-29 crew receive the Iron Cross Second Class.

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