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SS-Postschutz and SA group postman Hannover 1935-1944


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Heinrich Lüpke, postman National Postal Service / SS Postal Security Service

1) SS-“Postschutz” (Postal Security Service) identity pass, 26.7.44. With civil pass photo. EXREMELY RARE !! SS runes on the first page made illegible by ink and SS runes on the cover replaced by a glued on eagle.
2) Statement attached to the last page of the SS-Poschutz pass, 26.7.44. Confirming that he is a member of the Allgemeine SS and is allowed to wear the black Algemeine SS uniform during work for the duration of his active service with the SS-Postschutz. SS runes still visible on this document.
3) SA Sports Badge Proficiency booklet, 25.9.35. With SA uniform pass photo.
4) Labour book, 18.5.36.
5) SA award booklet for the Sports Badge in Bronze, 8.5.38. With SA uniform pass photo.
6) Statement by the Postal Services “Postamt” that Lüpke uses his own bicicle and needs a spare part for it, 24.7.44.

He worked as postman with the Hannover Postal Service. Jul.44 he was transferred to the SS-Postschuts, the SS Postal Security Service, a.o. responsible for guarding and securing Nation Postal Services installations and buildings. Also is known that SS personnel wearing Postchutz uniforms were guarding Hitlers field HQ’s for some time.

All documents to SS-Postschutz personnel are VERY RARE !!

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