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Wehrstammbuch grouping medical orderly 122.ID KIA 1944 Latvia


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Guntram Modl, medical orderly Army medical units / Infantry.
1) Wehrstammbuch, official counterpart of the Wehrpass, 30.3.44. Same entries as the Wehrpass.
2) Gesundheitsbuch, Army medical book, 7.8.42.
3) Verwendungskarte, Army District file card.
4) Police conduct report, 8.7.42. Stating he has no criminal record.
5) Non Jewish descent declaration of Modl, 7.8.42.
6) Certificate of Army District Ingolstadt, 15.3.45. Accompanying document, for sending the Wehrpass to his father because he was KIA. Stamp denazified.
7) Three Army conduct and transfer documents 1944-45. Size DinA4.

Born 1925. Civil occupation hairdresser. He served Mar.-Aug.44 with Sanitäts-Ers.u.Ausb.Abteilung 7, a medical replacements and schooling unit based in Hausham. Aug.44 he served with a motorized medical unit of the 122.Infanterie-Division, Sanitäts-Kompanie 2/122(mot). Aug.-Nov.44 (KIA) he served with 6./Grenadier-Regiment 409 of the same division. Active in Northern Russia and Latvia, Courtland area. He got wounded on 21.9.44 (shrapnel left upper arm) and was KIA in Latvia on 25.11.44. He was buried on a field cemetery of the 122.Infanterie-Division in Ciruli (Latvia).

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