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Personnel file Oberleutnant Captain mine sweeper M545 EK1


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Eberhard Wallrodt, Captain (Kapitänleutnant (Bundesmarine Fregattenkapitän)) Kriegsmarine mine sweepers

Kriegsmarine “Personalakte”, Navy personnel file. Appr. 16 documents in total including the cover. Lower part of the cover missing. Some documents bit damaged. One document with Kriegsmarine officer uniform pass photo. Documents regarding his injury when a detonator exploded on his boat, “Zeugnis Hauptlehrgang für Fähnriche zur See 1938” signed by the CO of Marineschule Mürwik, Konteradmiral, recruiting document, medical report etc.

Entitled to: Iron Cross 2nd Class (25.3.40), Mine Sweeper Badge and Iron Cross 1st Class (4.7.42).

Born 1918 in Bonn. He served: Sep.37-Apr.38 on board of the cruiser “Emden”; Jul.38 on board of the training ship “Paul Benecke”; Apr.38-Mar.40 with the ion Mar.40 disbanded 7.Minensuch-Flottille active in Hela, the Eastern Sea and North Sea, minesweeping of polish mine fields; Apr.40-May 42 as the IWO on board of the mine sweeper M526 (former M126, later renamed Räumboot “Alders”) of the 6.Minensuch-Flottile and later 21.Minensuch-Flottille used for minesweeping and escort service in the North Sea, Norwegian waters and the Baltic; he got wounded (both legs) on 30.4.41 during an accident in the Deutsche Bucht when a detonator charge exploded on board of the mine sweeper and was hospitalized for some time in Marinelazarett Groningen Holland; May-Sep.42 he was captain of the mine sweeper M545 (former M145) of the 21.Minensuch-Flottille used for minesweeping and escort service in the North Sea, Norwegian waters and the Baltic. Sep.42-Nov.44 he served as a group officer at Marineschule Mürwik; Nov.44-Apr.45 2.U-Ausbildung-Abteilung in Neustadt; May 45 he was commander of a ship of the 2.Räumboot-Flottille. According to internet research he joined the German Navy again (now named Bundesmarine) in 1956 and got the rank of Fregattenkapitän.

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