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Photo album Waffen-SS Untersturmführer LSSAH and Hohenstaufen


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Photo album with appr. 154 photos of a Waffen-SS officer (SS-Untersturmführer) Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler and 1943 SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 19 of the 9.SS-Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen.
First page dated 1938 with wedding photos of Paul and Robert (most probably two brothers). Both in the early black general SS uniform, but one with cuff title “Der Führer” of III.SS-Standarte „Der Führer“/VT (Verfügungs Truppe), and the other with cuff title “I” of the general SS district Bavaria. On the second page a postcard sized photo with a Waffen-SS uniform with cuff title “Der Führer” of the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler. Major part of the album seems to be at the Eastern Front (most probably Southern Russia, Balkan, Greece). Several nice photos with German tanks, guns, destroyed buildings, SS-Brigadeführer etc. One photo with a foreign (probably French) tank with German markings (“Beutepanzer”). A small document is attached to the album dated 10.6.1943 of 9. SS-Panzer-Grenadier-Regiment 19 (of the SS-Division Hohenstaufen). It is an order from SS-Hauptsturmführer Bergmann for SS-Unterscharführer Alfred Baumgartner to get some prisoners from POW camp X-VII and take them back to the unit. Last pages with two girls from which one wears a Waffen-SS uniform of a SS-Untersturmführer of “Prinz Eugen”.

At which units the owner of the album exactly served has to be sorted out, but most probably till 1943 “LSSAH” and afterwards with the new formed “Hohenstaufen”

1.SS-Panzer-Division Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler:

Sep.39 Poland, May 40 Holland, Jun.40 France, Jul.40-Feb.41 Lothringen, Mar.41Bulgaria, Apr.-May 41 Greece, Jun.41 Protectorat, Jul.41 Shitomir, Aug.41 Uman, Sep.41 Cherson, Oct.41 Perekop, Nov.41- Jun.42 Mius, Jul.42 Rostov, Aug.42-Jan.43 France (Normandy).

9.SS-Panzer-Division Hohenstaufen:
Jan.43(formed)-Feb.44 based in Yper, Mar.44 based in South France, Apr.-Jun.44 active at the Eastern front under the 4.Panzer-Armee (Northern Ukraine, Tarnopol), Jul.-Aug.44 active in the Normandy, Sep.-Oct.44 active at Arnhem (Holland, Market-Garden), Nov.44 based in Westfalen, Dec.44-Jan.45 active under the 6.Panzer-Armee in the Ardennes (Belgium, Battle of the Bulge), Feb.-Apr.45 active at the Eastern Front (Hungary).

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