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Award docs mine sweeper 2.Räumbootsflottille France Germany


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Heinz Windemuth, Steuermannobergefreiter Kriegsmarine mine sweepers

1) Kriegsmarine Mine Sweepers Badge, 21.2.43. Signed by the CO of Küstenbefehlshaber Deutsche Bucht, Vizeadmiral. Damaged, piece of corner missing, some rips.
2) Iron Cross 2nd Class, 10.7.44. Signed by the CO of Befehlshaber Sicherung West, Konteradmiral Erich Alfred Breuning. At the back marked with 2.R.-Fl. For 2. Räumbootsflottille.

He served 1943-44 as steersman on board of of a Kriegsmarine mine sweeper, 1943 of the 2.Räumungsbootflottille active under command of the Küstenbefehlshaber Deutsche Bucht in the Deutsche Bucht (German Bight) and 1944 active under command of the Befehlshaber Sicherung West securing the British Channel and French Atlantic Coast. Exact boat on which he served is not mentioned, can perhaps be researched. His unit is marked at the back of the Iron Cross documenta s 2.R.-Fl. Which is the 2.Räumbootsflottille.

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