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JG27 Africa grouping photo album and award documents


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Karl Tischler, Corporal Luftwaffe fighter squadron Africa Corps JG27
1) Cuff title “Afrika”, 8.6.43. With printed palms.
2) Drivers proficiency badge in Bronze, 25.1.44. Signed by the CO of JG27 Oberstleutnant Gustav Rödel (Kn.Cr.24.6.41, Oak.L.20.6.43)
3) Award booklet DRL Sports Badge in Bronze, 29.12.41. With Luftwaffe uniform pass photo.
4) Half of a field postcard with the unit emblem of JG27.
5) Free swimming certificate Luftwaffe issued, 10.7.39. Bad condition, two pieces.
6) Luftwaffe document with congratulations with the first place at a running contest, 24.1.40.
7) Document regarding sending the DRL sport badges to Tischler, 6.1.42.
8) Several documents and award document post WW2.
9) RARE photo album with appr. 130 photos. 44 photos are from ww2, mostly Africa. Very nice vehicle photos (appr 13x), one postcard size photo with a lorry with the unit emblem of JG27 on it, several photos of the dog of the unit which is mentioned in all the books about this topic, very large (18x13cm) photo with Leutnant Kaiser and the CO of I./JG27 Hauptmann Ludwig Franzisket wearing his Knights Cross (GCiG:12.1.43, Kn.Cr.:23.7.41), very nice postcard size photo of the intelligence vehicle of JG27 also with unit emblem of JG27, photo of the CO of Luftflotte 3 and Befehlshaber West General der Flieger Hugo Sperrle (Kn.Cr.:17.5.40), photo of the CO of I./JG51 Hauptmann Oskar-Heinz-Bär wearing the Knights Cross with Oak leaves (Kn.Cr.:2.7.41, Oak.L.:14.8.41, Swords: 16.2.42, GKiG: 27.5.42) and two photos taken 1942 in Germany of a Fallschirmjäger with “Afrika” cuff title (could be his brother). Other photos are post WW2, civil photos, Bundeswehr etc.

To vieuw the scans of the first part of the photo album (which is the WW2 part) please click on the link below the small pictures below !!

Tischler served 1939 and 1940 as a radio operator with Luftgau-Nachrichten-Regiment 12, an intelligence unit in Air District XII (Luftflotte 3) active in Germany. 1941 he served with the intelligence unit of Fliegerhorstkommandantur Eschwege (military airfield). 1942-44 he served with the intelligence unit of I./Jagdgeschwader 27 (JG27 fighter squadron), 1942 in Africa under Fliegerführer Afrika active in Rommel’s Africa-battle, 1943 active in France and Italy and 1944 active at the Balkan and Hungary.
Groupings like these are very researchable because there are a lot of books written about JG27 (e.g. Jagdgeschwader 27 by Hans Ring and Werner Girbig, published by Motorbuch Verlag).

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